Gus Van Sant / Icons

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Event Details

Start: 19th Apr 2016 23:00
End: 30th Jul 2016 22:59
Cinemathèque de Paris, Paris, 750121

Event Description

This is the first exhibition in France devoted to this paradoxical contemporary American filmmaker, photographer, and visual artist.

The show will plunge the visitor into the multifaceted artistic universe of Gus Van Sant, a director who doesn’t shy away from independent projects or big budget mainstream films. Visitors are led on a carefully structured journey through his artworks and films, as well as his innovative collaborations with other artists.

With a focus on the minimalism and heightened connection with feelings and sensations in Van Sant’s work, which is justly perceived as an open-ended reflection on disruptions and shifts in time (emergence, transformation, disappearance, memory, sleepwalking), the exhibition also highlights his unique sense of space as a geographic entity in which the dream world and the documentary viewpoint collide.

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