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Ask Karen: Help for Expats

Dear John:

can’t tell you how many times I have heard your dilemma.  The
reality is that most offices don’t have the resources to help with
relocation.  There are excellent relocation services in Paris and
I do hope your company has budgeted for one.
are also relocation services that aren’t so wonderful and don’t listen
to you or your wife’s needs and wishes. They feel that once you’re
settled in an apartment, their job is done.  To be honest, that is
when it begins.

via two Bonjour Paris faithfuls, I met two women who specialize in
helping newcomers adjust to Paris.  I should rephrase that:
they’ll do everything from total relocation, to managing apartments, to
interior design and lining up workmen.  In addition, Arielle and
Carole (both of whom speak perfect English) know the ropes; they
can arrange schools and more for your children. If your wife needs
help, they will literally show her the ropes such as where to
shop, get laundry done and things that SEEM like nothing, but aren’t.
only are they godsends for newcomers but they also arrange parties,
weddings and anything else your heart or needs may desire.  Many
of their clients are Paris residents who simply rely on their expertise.

To contact Carole and Arielle: [email protected] [1]