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Ask Karen: Event Tickets

Dear Alice:

VERY recently I would have tap-danced around this question. The FNAC
website was so frustrating that I’d end up going to the store. As for
other theater, dance, music and opera websites, some are definitely
better than others.

Recently, Bonjour Paris was pleased to sign an agreement with Mosaic World [1].

site has listings for many events. But, if you don’t see what you
want, all you have to do is ask for a listing of events taking
place when you’re in Paris. They know all the ticket agents, and
inventory tickets. Because Mosaic World are repeat and volume buyers,
the chance of their obtaining tickets is far great than yours or mine.

used to go to ticket offices and stand in line for what I wanted to
see. Or, access sites the day tickets were released. Let me assure you
this is much easier and more efficient. Mosaic World will keep you
informed about when (or if) they can obtain tickets for an event. If
the event is really sold out, they’ll offer substitute ideas.

can charge your tickets via a secure credit card server and have the
tickets shipped to you in the US (time permitting) or waiting for you
when you arrive at your hotel.

World does not guarantee they can obtain tickets for every event. I
suspect they may have had problems getting unlimited seats for the
Rolling Stones concert last month. However, maybe not. I will have to

Please send me your feedback as to whether or not they were able to get your preferred performances and seats!