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Ask Karen: Being Hit on in Paris

Dear Christine:

should ALL have such a problem. Seriously, and joking aside, two of the
favorite sports of Parisian men are avoiding the tax man and picking up
pretty women.

The latter is most
especially true during the month of August when men’s wives are
undoubtedly away with the kids.  While  husbands are trolling
the Paris plage, their families are at the REAL beach or in Provence or
other parts of France.

women are the BEST and optimum prey. One, a woman “always” needs a
NATIVE guide and secondly, she goes HOME. French men are (often)
incredibly faithful and a “romance” such as this allows them to have
their cake and eat it too.

you’re not interested, whatever you do, be firm but POLITE. French men
weather rejection with a modicum of pain and by no means are all female
tourists seeking an “adventure.”

Please let us know how your sejours in Paris go!