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By Margaret Kemp The 96th edition of the Michelin Red Guide comes out next Thursday officially, but if you live on Corsica or have a friendly kiosque person in your quartier, you’ll probably know the following:
Only one new *** Régis Marcon of Auberge et Clos des Cimes, Saint- Bonnet-le-Froid in the Haute Loire, 50kms from Saint Etienne. (04 71 59 93 72).
Down go the Pourcel brothers from *** to ** at Jardin des Sens, Montpellier along with Jacques Lameloise of Lameloise at Chagny.
So how many *** are left then?
26 – the doyen is dear old Paul Bocuse up there with *** since 1965.
Note that Christian Morrisset no longer features in the guide. Big changes are taking place at The Hotel Juana, Juan-les-Pins.
How many **?
70 (and there are 11 new **) & 402 * including La Truffe Noire, Neuilly, Les Ormes 7th, Chiberta 8th,
Table de Lancaster 8th, Hiramatsu, 8th, Table de Joel Robuchon 8th
Who do we know of the new **?
Astrance, Paris 16th
La Reserve, Beaulieu
Alain Llorca, the Moulin de Mougins
Villa des Lys, Cannes
Les Ambassadeurs at The Crillon, Paris
Apicius, Paris 8th
La Reserve Beaulieu
And bad news day for Le Divellec and Les Elysees de Vernet – down to * from **
And watch out New York, Michelin will be in your town grading 500 watering holes and 50 hotels for the 1st Michelin New York 2006. Lets hope they get it right, there were red faces all round at the red guide Benelux 2005 when they rated a restaurant that wasn’t even built yet.
To find out more buy the Guide from 3rd March, 2005 – 24€
Bon Route.




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